About us

The school

Hakim International School was founded in 1396 under the management of Ms.Mozhgan Mobaraknia  with 25 years of experience working in the international school setting.

H.I.S. operates in 2 separate sections: one for the boys and one for the girls starting from kindergarten all the way up to grade 12.

Our education is based on international standards with the aim of fostering capable, healthy, happy and reliable students who can perform in a global setting while maintaining their own values.

We hope to be able to foster students who are creative independent thinkers with a humanitarian approach to life acting as great ambassadors both for our country and internationally.

In order to achieve the above, maintaining law and order in a happy peaceful environment is imperative. H.I.S is trying to internalize  discipline and order in the students and we will certainly  need your support and cooperation in this regard.



Applications accepted on a rolling basis until all places are filled. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at +(98)2122756595 or e‑mail Info@hakim.school