Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Enrollment at Hakim International School:

To enroll at Hakim International School, a student must have dual citizenship or two passports, or at least one of their parents must have a non-Iranian nationality.
Additionally, families with valid long-term residence permits/visas from another country or a valid international job offer are eligible as well.

Yes. As international schools are under the supervision of international affairs and Ministry of Education in Iran, the diplomas from these schools are valid both abroad and domestically, allowing students to enter Iranian schools.

Yes. Students can legally participate in the university entrance exam.

Hakim International School admissions range from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade for both girls and boys.

Yes, for students from pre-kindergarten to second grade, French and German are offered, while from third to twelfth grade, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese are provided as second languages alongside English, allowing students to become familiar with two international languages.

The medium of instruction at Hakim International School is English, and Persian is taught one to two sessions per week to students.

Yes, families can request to use the school transportation service during the registration process.