As we all know, schools are one of the most significant environments in shaping up an individual’s personality as a result of daily exposures and spending a big portion of our lives there.

It goes without saying that the school environment plays a key role alongside families in terms of determining the students’ psychological, cognitive and behavioral growth, as actualizing educational goals necessiate having a reasonable degree of emotional stability and social skills to begin with.

Here at Hakim International school, we are proud to have internalized the importance of providing a psychologically-healthy environment for our students through the launch of the “Greenland Department” and its services, conducive to effective learning and remaining sensitive to the needs of students, parents and school staff alike both on an individual and collective basis.

More importantly, it is worth mentioning that the “Greenland” has taken extra meaures to ensure providing the most suitable services/ individualized interventions for students with special needs through its professional team of occupational therapists, counselors and strong support system.

Greenland's Aims

improving students' psychological well-being and saftey in the school environment both from a physical and emotional perspective

improving the psychological well-being and safety of the school staff as healthy caregivers and role models

improving the families' psychological well-being and strengthening the family structure in order to further assist them with their children's growth

Greenland's Environment

-The Greenland is located in the Girls’ campus of Hakim International school easily accessible to all departments.

-The Greenland department consists of various sections providing the following services in order to respond to students’ cognitive- behavioral needs:

-individual & group counseling, play therapy & sand therapy rooms as well as occupational therapy room( cognitive, physical and sensory motor skills).

Greenland's Services

How to Contant Greenland