New Teaching Methodologies at Hakim International School.

 Introduction :

Children and teenagers have a great passion for learning these days and can learn things at a much faster rate compared to the past generations. Consequently, we have designed new educational methods here at “Hakim International School” that are based on the world’s latest teaching methodologies which in addition to preventing students from boredom, will also increase their learning efficiency .


Below are some of the teaching strategies we use at Hakim International School.

What characteristics do the latest teaching methodologies have? 


Students’ academic and personal development across different grade levels is one of the most important duties of a school. All educational institutions located in different parts of the world, follow a certain set of rules in order to achieve this goal. In contrast to traditional schools, modern methods of teaching at Hakim international complex are still admired by many and are presented to our students based on high global standards.

 Project-based Learning:


For a deeper understanding of various subjects, the teacher assigns a project to students to be done at home, either individually or collectively after teaching the pertinent subject. Students who are familiar with this method are more comfortable with academic research and group work.

 It is imperative to ensure

 the complete transfer of  knowledge to students prior to setting a project . Students will then be asked to submit their projects either on a free or pre-determined topic reflecting their knowledge in the field. Through this method, students will be able to retain the acquired information long after they have been exposed to it.


 Game-based Learning:


It is quite evident that children love playing; hence the prevalence of game-based learning in today’s classrooms globally.

Incorporating games into teaching helps make the classes more interesting and more efficient. Game-based learning is mostly applied to our pre-school and elementary school sections here at Hakim with occasional implementations in our highschool classes.



 Collaborative Learning: 


One of the latest teaching methodologies is the collaborative teaching method. This involves doing a project or activity that students perform as a team . The teacher teaches the students their topic of interest first and then divides them into two or more groups.This makes it easier for students to learn to work together. In addition to having a more interactive  class, they will also learn to help each other and will try to achieve a common goal. This will motivate all group members to contribute equally, especially the underachievers, knowing that their performance will impact the whole group.

 Epilogue :


Studying at our school is an exceptional opportunity for those students and parents seeking high academic standards. Considering the fact that we adhere to high educational standards practiced in reputable schools and our constant updating of our academic/ pedagogical programs, we guarantee that your child will experience studying at one of the most high-quality schools found around the world and will easily be able to adapt to methods used in overseas school.

We hope you found the above information useful.


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