New Application Form English

  • Dear parents:

    We would like to thank you for choosing Hakim International school. Please note the following points which assist you with facilitating your child's registration process:

    Step 1: Eligibility Criteria

    The student and his/her family need to fit the criteria of an internatinal student in order to be eligible to enter Hakim International School.
    Please check below for the criteria:
    possessing a residency or citizenship status of a foreign country( student/ family) -previous history of residence in a foreign country( student/ family)
    -foreign nationals residing in Iran or individuals living in Iran due to the government's invitation( family)
    -temporary residence in Iran with ongoing travels due to work or investment purposes( family)
    applying for immigration to a foreign country( eligible for a temporary registration for one academic year until the immigration results are out)
    Step 2: Registration Procedures
    1- filling out the online form( available in the next page)

    2- receiving a call from our admin staff to set up an appointment

    3-receiving the payment code

    4-in person meetings at the specified time with the registration staff, school principal, school counselor and the staff in charge of the students' level assessment( please note that the above procedures will be done in 2 days)

    5- administration procedures and document submission

    6- payment procedures

    7- receiving a student code for entering Hakim's system

    Please communicate your approval and fill out the remainder of the forms in case you agree with all of the above-mentioned points and if your conditions match our eligibility criteria.

    Sincerely, Hakim International School( Boys & Girls)